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Anna Talakkottur Biography

Born in London and schooled in India, Australia and the US, Anna developed a global perspective from an early age. In her teenage years, she overcame her shyness through drama class. “Acting is a fulfilling form of expression”, says Anna. It is no wonder she is able to aptly portray complex and multicultural characters, as she draws on a deep well of life experience. Before becoming an actress, Anna worked as a celebrity nanny, a children’s entertainer, a runaway shelter and crisis hotline worker, and even a private investigator. Finally, Los Angeles Theater Academy bridged her earliest passion for the dramatic arts with the career she enjoys today. With experience in film, television, theater, print, and commercials, Anna welcomes each role as a way to cultivate her craft. She also embraces the physical challenges of performing her own stunts. With a fierce commitment to her work, and her love of new people and places.

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